The Guiding Principle

‘From inability to let well alone

From too much zeal for the new and contempt for what is old

From putting knowledge before wisdom, science before art, and

Cleverness before common sense;

From treating patients as cases;

And from making the cure of the disease more grievous than the

endurance of the same, Good Lord, deliver us.’ – Sir Robert Hutchison

Vision and Mission

“We aim to be the best holistic health care provider inculcating the best medical practices of different systems with strong ethical principles that to our member is financially cost-effective, socially prudent, spiritually uplifting and emotionally pleasing combining the culture of care and compassion.”


Our actions talk for us. The ethical approach and our responsibility in our actions bring respect, openness and honesty to our encounters with patients, families and coworkers and the community


Every staff member touches the lives of the patients and families in our care. We treat those we serve and each other with kindness and compassion and strive to better understand and respond to the needs of our community


We pledge only to do the best. We work as a team to bring experience, technology and best practices to bear in providing the highest-quality care for our patients and families. We devote ourselves to continuous improvement, excellence, professionalism and innovation in our work.


Patients and families have placed their lives and health in our hands.Our first priority - and the rule of medicine - is to protect them from harm. We believe that maintaining the highest safety standards is critical to delivering high-quality care and that a safe workplace protects us all.


We amalgamate the best local practices while embracing change and work to improve all we do in a fiscally responsible manner.

Pride of Achievement

We value our colleagues, our work and our accomplishments and take pride in bringing our rich tradition of hope and healing to every person in our care.


We work as a team and partner with other organizations to benefit our patients, their families, and the community.

Cost Effectiveness

We assure that we will not compromise on the care and shall always remain cost-effective.

Escalating costs of health care, technology oriented growth in health care, case oriented approach towards patients, medico-legal implications have all put significant strain in the age-old doctor-patient relationship that existed in our country. From a family physicians approach technology has changed patient expectations to specialist oriented care that has resulted more in an organ oriented approach rather than care of the patient as a whole. RVR Foundation has since its inception successfully combined the concept of holistic treatment in primary health care that takes into consideration not only the patient as a whole, but also combines the different systems of Allopathy and ayurveda for their symbiotic benefit for better patient care. A good family physician not only takes care of the health requirements of the patient and the recommendations of the different specialists but also addresses their social and economic implications. The family physician also ensure a holistic care of the patients involving bodily and spiritual aspects through preventive, promotive and curative strategies. The Foundation promotes the family physician concept to provide a cost effective and ethical health care without compromising on the quality or effectiveness of medical care.

Patient education is stressed to assist patients take an informed decision. It is a well known fact that it is not the condition that troubles the patient but the fear of the unknown. RVR Foundation is committed to educate its members through lectures, articles and television shows. Many of its programmes have been welcomed with enthusiasm by patients, public and the medical fraternity.

What is true for the Western world is not true for India despite similarities in diagnosis. This is a well known observation. However there is an increasing trend amongst the medical fraternity to extrapolate observations or results from the western world to India. We at RVR Foundation endeavour to identify areas of such conflicts through interdisciplinary research that would enable a region oriented practice.

RVR Foundation is now poised for bringing in a revolution in health care management by ensuring a proper mix of the age old concept of a family physician and the current trends for a specialist care coupled with patient education and health care research.

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